A Words from Me


Hi y’all! 我的名字是廖利美. 나는 하니이다.  私の名前はハニです. My name’s Hani. I’m turning 20 next year, oh i’m so afraid of it. i’m not ready to be called 20’s hehehe. First of all, i’m here to give a lot information based on my experiences. Maybe it’s about food, or make-up or beauty tips or maybe some tutorials. Being a college student makes me bored with the routine stuffs, so i think this is my gateway. I will proudly say that i’m 50% Chinese that come from my mom, but i don’t looks like one. I’m so Javanese instead, with dark brown skin and lots of imperfection :p. My dream is to have a beautiful small cafe located at Kemang or Sudirman so my cafe will be famous. I may not have a knowledge about coffee but i love seeing people walk into a cafe and bring out a cup coffee in their hand. it such a pleasure to watch. Having a beautiful cat will be a perfect for me. I had cat before, but my mom throw it away. i cried like crazy but i can’t find Cedric, – My cat’s name.

So, lately make-up is being my passion. Since i was in Kindergarten, i played with my mom lipstick and dress up like a lady. I may not a rich girl like the other person. I can’t buy an expensive make up kit, so will try to get the same effect as the expensive make up kit with my affordable make up. I’ll try my best!


After all, let’s just be friends! Feel free to give me a message to hani.rachmasari@yahoo.com




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