The Reading Room


This time i will give a review from a cafe i visited. I went there on Monday and the weather was suuuper good. Not to sunny but not gloomy rainy. It’s a cute small cafe at Kemang, South Jakarta. It called “The Reading Room”. It is located at  Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No. 57 A- B, Kemang. When i went there, there’s not a lot of people hangin out, simply because i arrived not at the lunch time. There were only 3 cars at the parking lot. Going inside, i only seen about 10 people.

I chose the second floor beside the big window because my cousin wanted to smoke. The view was bad because the only thing that i can see is the ‘warung rokok’ ant motorbikes.

The Reading Room Cafe, Lantai 2
The Reading Room Cafe, Lantai 2
Monggo dibaca bukunya (English Book)
it is also a small library (English books)
take from :
(Take from:

As the name of this cafe, There’s a lot of books that we can read or borrow. The  ambiance is super cozy, makes me want to be here like all day long (considering there’s a lot of books and i lurve books). But the only thing that i dont like is because the AC cant be operated at that time so it is super hot there! But overall, the food is good, really good. i ordered aglio olio pasta and a glass of hot cappuccino. mostly it is an Indonesian food, like fried rice.


Spagetti Aglio Olio
Spagetti Aglio Olio
Hot Capuccino
Hot Capuccino


Rate : 3.5 out of 5


Have a nice day!


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