Kedai Cafe, Kemang


Hi fellas! Today i will tell about cute cafe at kemang, yeah i love kemang’s cafe. Why kemang? because there’s a lot of cafe there and i’m really curious to try one by one. finding a good place to hang out is my ability :p. Even though at the end of the month i will eating bekal like for a week. What is bekal? it is the same as a food that we bring from home. i dont know what they call in english hehe. So, today cafe is called “Kedai Cafe” at jalan Benda Raya No. 89 (Kemang), South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12560, Indonesia.

Kedai Cafe tampak depan (From:
From The front (From:

I went here like a month ago. I just went home from Bogor after a long drive Jakarta-Bogor-Jakarta in 4 hours just for The best baked pizza ever. Then when i just reach pondok indah, my friends called and asked me to join them and i simply said yes because i dont have something to do at that time. This is super unplanned hang out ever. Ayu and Prita called and i joined them at Kedai Cafe Kemang. Well actually i often came here because i love the ambiance and the food. They have a really cute name for the drinks and food such as duda keren or kembang desa and so on. The decoration is very vintage-victorian like a lot of flowers. This place is definitely a place to people who loves taking photos and also for couple who wants an intimate place. i really love to stay here for a long time. The problem is, i always got a traffic jam when i get here.

ini suasana dibelakang (Nyomot dari:



Wastafel Chantique (from:
cute (from:
Tuh kan cocok untuk yang mau pacaran nih (Nyomot dari:
surely a place for a couple (from:
when i wet there i always ordered duda keren because i love the flavor and for the food i usually ordered baked rice. The taste is super good. with cheese and tuna. Yummmm

Duda Kaya dan Kembang Desa

Duda Keren and Kembang Desa



Ini nasi panggangnya yang wuenak (from:
Baked Rice (from:

Overall,this is a really good cafe, but sometimes a lot people came at the same time and makes the cafe really crowd. i’m a kind of people who loves calm cafe simply because i need to calm myself. For the food and drinks, feel a little bit too expensive but taste good.


PS. sometimes when i go to a cafe, i forgot to take a picture of it so i take it from other blog 😛



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